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The Artist

George Holm

Sculptor's Biography

George Holm developed a creative passion early in life. His youngest years were spent in Europe amongst a cultural family who nurtured a great love of fine art and music. George’s childhood is littered with fond memories of soaring sopranos and great, haunting masterpieces. Not only did this environment uplift and inspire his creative efforts, George was later destined to train professionally as a graphic artist and designer. He felt strongly, however that life in the country of Brâncusi’s birth was stifling to his creativity. So it was not until George settled in Australia during the 1970s that he felt truly able to explore artistic freedom and creative expression.

An artist and Australia

George Holm became a consummate painter. Every spare moment was spent exploring his new alien landscape on canvas. He experienced artistic expression as never before, testing mediums, style and technique. His paintings were shown in group exhibitions with a number selected by private collectors. And then in 1980 his world was to change. Travelling to Tasmania for the first time, George was introduced to the magnificent Huon Pine. He was immediately drawn to the exquisite timber with a smell, texture and character all its own. George felt compelled to bring forth what hid beneath the surface of the wood and this opened the opportunity and possibilities offered by sculptural form.

Fine art sculpture

Giving his creative expression over completely to his art, George began drawing forth delicately balanced pieces using simple hand tools and fine art sculpture techniques. His work captured fluidity of movement and light plays. Short months later, his solo exhibition met with broad acclaim. Returning to his studio amongst the trees of Melbourne’s Dandenong ranges, George set about exploring artistic expression through sculpture. Although his connection with the Huon Pine endures, George now works with other mediums including metal and stone. Recently returned to Huon Pine country (Tasmania) Geroge is constantly innovating, expanding and refining his approach. His design background also spurred an expansion into functional art forms, particularly contemporary furniture. George Holm’s fine art sculpture pieces can be found in private collections across Australia.



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