George Dumesco

Sculptor’s philosophy

For me, creativity could never be a job. It is simply a way of life. I seem to have always nurtured a great love of and connection with art. Sculpture allows me freedom of expression that engages others on an intellectual, emotional and spiritual level. Each day I review my work and draw inspiration from its touch and smell. I build relationships with every piece, letting them draw me in. The work invites constant refinement of the emerging form, so that finally it achieves an independent grace of being. I am sated by this reflection of the movement of life.

Fine art sculpture approach

Art is a dynamic medium. I don’t approach it the same way every day and my work benefits from this versatility. Something inside each piece calls to be transformed, exposing its core or essence. I do take time with my thoughts. Often before the raw materials are selected, there are dozens of sketches. These images of my thoughts capture a first reflection and remind me where the piece is going. Carving to reveal forms beyond the surface of the timber is a gradual process of constant refinement and review. So I prefer to use hand tools and traditional fine art sculpture techniques. Although metal, wood or stone have intrinsic natural beauty, polychrome paint often completes my work. Colour is sculptural element in itself, dressing the piece and holding a mirror to my own expression.

Artistic expression and inspiration

We all experience the world in different ways. I engage with others and my environment most successfully through sculpture. When the essence of a piece captures its viewer or surroundings my heart soars with satisfaction. My inspiration flows from the freedom I enjoy to approach sculpture in my own way. Sometimes this method is ahead of its time and my work waits patiently for the world to take stock. I desire to create works aesthetically appealing in a traditional sense yet truly uplifting to the viewer. Through this site I invite you into my world.

George Holm Dumesco Fine Art Sculpture Huon Pine